[DIOCIAN INTERVIEW] Singing for Kim Hyunsik, Cho DeokBae

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Q. It's been a while. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, nice to meet you. It's Cho Deokbae. It's been a while since I’ve released my album. I'm a bit worried that I'm singing a song which is not mine but Kim Hyun Sik’s. Thirty years have passed, but I'm trying to record with the same heart he had when he sang this song


Q. How did you start music?

I thought all I could do is music. I think that's how it all started. It’s been about 40 years since I've written my first song


Q. Tell me more about the new album.

Well, I was very close to Kim HyunSik, and many singers have sung a lot of songs by him in tribute to him. And as time went by, I wanted to sing at least one song with my heart for him.


Q. Do you have any special reasons for choosing 'Be a Mirror' among all the songs of Kim HyunSik?

Actually, I haven't heard much about this song, But the producer Park SukJuen recommended me this song. At first, the melody seemed simple, and it wasn't touching. But one day, I listened at home late at night, and I loved the lyrics. It was really good. So I chose this song.


Q. How was recording?

I was worried about recording because I didn't sing for a long time. But since I was recording for Kim HyunSik, I kept thinking about him while singing. The recording was great.


Q. What are the three songs of your life?

'My Old Story,' In Dream' and 'If you come in my heart'. These songs have been loved so much.


Q. Who is the most impressive singer who remakes your song?

I really like Lim Sang-A who sang my song 'My Old Story'. I was deeply impressed.


Q. What is your future plan?

It sounds greedy, but I want to sing for just another 10 years


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