SHINee is Back with 'The Story of Light' EP.1 on M!COUNTDOWN

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[MHN] SHINee is back with their 6th studio album 'The Story of Light' EP.1 on M!COUNTDOWN.

For this week's M!COUNTDOWN SHINee performed a special stage of 'Good Evening' and 'All Day All Night'. 

SHINee took the stage this day in colorful outfits and jolly vibes when singing 'Good Evening'. It was another unique stage that sparkled with SHINee's special charms. SHINee will be releasing their 10th-anniversary album in three different albums. This one is the first. 

For this first album, 'The Story of Light' EP.1, 'Good Evening' is the title track. It's an edgy electronic pop song. Another song, 'All Day All Night' is a track that speaks of SHINee's strong determination to strive in performing better music. It's a celebrating track of their 10th-anniversary since debut as well. 

On this week's M!COUNTDOWN, Victon, N.Flying, Samuel, The East Light, (G)I-DLE, Dream Catcher, KHAN, NTB, AOA, SHINee, BTS and more featured on stage. 

[Translated by] Gen_E

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