SHINee 'Good Evening', ONE shadow in teaser

기사승인 2018.05.22  11:15:38


[MHN] SHINee would come back. Onew, Key, Min-ho and Tae-min, together 4 members would come back with 3 title songs.

SHINee is planning to come back on 28th, starting with their title song, 'Good Evening', would bring 6th official album 'The Story of Light'. SHINee in this album, brings up 3 title songs. With 3 title songs, SHINee members would have relay stages.


'The Story of Light EP.1' on May 28th, 'The Story of Light EP.2' on June 11th, 'The Story of Light EP.3' on June 25th, would be gradually released. Each album has title song, 'Good Evening', 'I Want You' and 'Our Page'. For each episode, 5 songs would be included.

First album title song 'Good Evening' has the fresh melody harmonized with classic R&B atmosphere. Member Key and Min-ho has participated in the rap-making increased the completion. Especially SHINee's unique addictive refrain is expected.

SM entertainment, SHINee's management company said, "SHINee confronted 10th year of debut dedicated hard on this album". SHINee official web page would be edited and SHINee would show off their charm as a veteran singer of 10 years.


On the other hand, netizens paid attention to the shadow in 'Good Evening' teaser video. In the first shot of 'Good Evening', members look under the well. At that moment, there appears a shadow, gives an image that 5 people are being together. There, netizens expected, "Isn't that meaning Jong-hyun's shadow'?"

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